Friday, August 24, 2012

Portlandia for a day

We started off our day in Portland with a trip to the Rose Garden. Portland is famed for the beautiful types of roses there.
These pinks ones were so soft and reminded me of ballet tutus
My favorites were those that had two colors
All the white flowers reminded me of President Snow from the Hunger Games
So many roses

Even more! 
After the Rose Gardens and a delicious lunch at a French restaurant we headed to Powell's Bookstore which is gigantic, with books on every topic you could imagine or hope for, as well as a kind and informed staff. It's locally owned and independent so it holds a place in Portlanders' hearts.

Put a bird on it!

A whole bookcase for arctic and antarctic exploration! Plus two more shelves not seen in the photo!
We worked up an appetite with all the book browsing so we had to head over to Voodoo Donuts. Open 24 hours a day and by lots of bars means it's probably a late night favorite :)
The famed "Voodoo" Donut with red "blood" filling
What a pretty pink box
I was sad to only have one day in Portland but it was a fantastic one! 


  1. I appreciated your reference to the "Put a bird on it!" Portlandia skit. :P One of my faves.

  2. I think I did nearly the exact same thing on my visit to Portland last summer... only I was there for two days, and pretty much all of the second day was spent holed up in Powell's Books... 'cause I am really cool. I got overwhelmed by the Voodoo donut collection, and chose an M&M coated donut - DELICIOUS.

    Hooray for blogs!