Monday, August 6, 2012

Terre de Haut and Plage Pompiere

While we certainly worked a lot and very hard this summer, we did have our days off too. After busting out butts getting everything prepared for the kids we all headed to Terre de Haut together for a day in the sun and sea.
Plage Pompiere on our day off on Terre de Haut

Heidi and Monique being unsuccessful at underwater photos

Monique and I

Another attempt for Monique and Heidi

Monique enjoying the sun and water

Another beach photo from Plage Pompiere

Check out my coconuts! Haha! We cracked open a coconut on the beach

A view of the horseshoe shape that surrounds plage pompiere

Plage pompiere has a horseshoe shape protecting it and part of it is a little island that we climbed to the top of.
Here is the view looking back at Plage Pompiere.

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