Saturday, September 22, 2012

12 In 2012 Wrap up!

So today I ran the Haworth 5k, finishing up my 12 in 2012 race series! It was a great run and while not a PR, still a good run.

So, given that I'm finishing up this goal and heading off to France tomorrow, I'm feeling reflective.

Twelve things about 12in2012:

1. The reason this resolution succeeded was because it was "SMART." Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.
2. A good workout bra is essential. I would rather run in down comforter than with a bad bra.
3. Weight loss is a frustrating, irrelevant goal. I lost weight in the first 6 months, gained it back, and I might loose it again. Despite the weight loss and gains, I've still hit personal records since gaining back the weight and my health and fitness is way more important than what the scale says.
4. You don't need goo/ energy supplements until you are running 6 miles or more.
5. 90% of this goal was making small daily choices to just go out and do it. Yeah, there were plenty of times I would have preferred to sleep in or get some errands done, but this goal was more important. It's about priorities.
6. It's always a bummer when the event t shirt is a crappy cotton one you'll never wear again.
7. It's not necessary to have special gear. Yeah, wear shoes you like, a tech shirt and running shorts are more comfortable than others but when it comes down to it, a lack of gear isn't really an excuse.
8. Don't rush things. I did started with Couch to 5K last October and I am still slightly short of being able to run/ jog the entire distance.
9. Body Glide can be a life saver.
10.  I seriously underestimated the stamina that a splash and dash requires.
11. There's a lot of pride that comes from setting a new distance or pace PR.
12. The support of friends and family means a lot. Special thanks to Dad, Mom, Kate, Pam, Missy, Chloe, and Ellen.

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  1. #6: Yesterday, I googled "north carolina races tech shirt"
    #11: Our mile 1 split was 10:30 last weekend
    #12: You're the best, Anna! I'm so proud of you for accomplishing your goal! Have a safe trip tonight and I can't wait to see you in October! :)