Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Safe and Sound in Montlucon

I'm here! I made it to Montlucon yesterday without any problems; my flight was on time, my bags were some of the first off the plane, no problems getting to the train station, the train ride went well and Jocelyne was waiting for me at the station.

I was drifting in and out of sleep for the rest of the day, but I got in around 4, so I settled in, went for a little walk and then Sylvaine came to pick me up for a dinner chez elle. We had a nice light dinner of pizza and salad which was perfect.

The assistants apartment is nothing amazing but about what I expected. Somehow the kitchen is even smaller than last time around – it's about 5x5ft. Oh, something that is amazing- I have my own bathroom! Jocelyne said to just pick any room of the three, so I have the “studio” with it's own shower/ toilet. My room is just off the living room and actually has a second exit into the main building hallway. The other two assistants will share the toilet and shower bathrooms. Also, there is currently no internet chez moi so when the other two get here we'll talk about getting internet all together or I'll get a 3G usb stick for my computer. For now I'm hitting up McDo or the tourism office to mooch off their wifi.

It's really good to be back in France. It was a funny feeling landing into CDG. Other than Newark, Chicago and Kalamazoo it's probably the airport I've been in the most. I felt like I was just picking up where I had left off, or returning to something rather than a brand new adventure. And while there were times I was still nervous, it was nothing like the butterflies I had coming into Coutances.

Montlucon is a pretty town, with trees, enough activity to make it seems lively, without so much traffic to seem crowded. There is a chateau in the middle, up on a little hill with the main shops in a ring around it. Lycee Madame de Stael (where I live, also known as LEM) is just outside of that ring road and college Jules Ferry is pretty close to me, just of another part of the ring road. I'll be honest and that the area is not as pretty as Coutances, though that is fierce competition. The gravel and sand pits I passed on the train ride don't really compare with the beautiful farmlands and the cathedral rising out off the trees. All the same, it is a nice town. It's raining hard now, but yesterday's arrival was beautiful. I'll get some photos once A. it's not raining and B. I have somewhere with a good enough connection to upload them.

I'm off to open bank accounts, get a cell phone and other various chores. I'll try to write again soon!

PS I've been reading and loving all your comments! I just forget to reply!

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