Monday, September 3, 2012

Jam with Gram

For Labor day weekend we headed down to see my gram and celebrate her birthday. I had asked her at Sarah's wedding to teach me how to make jam, which she agreed to do.

1. Peel the peaches.
"Make sure you blanche them."
"How do you blanche them?"
"Put them in boiling water and then into cold water. Also cut them up. I'm going over to the historical society but you can do the rest."
"Gram, what do you mean the rest? That's why I asked you to teach me how to make jam."
"Well you can read, can't you? The rest of the directions are on the pectin box."

2. Cut up 10 cups of peaches

3. Wait for Gram to come back

4. Have Gram tell you that you only need 4 cups, but that's fine because she'll put the rest over her ice cream.

5. Follow recipe on the box of pectin

6. Delicious jam!

7. Thank your Gram. It's her dang birthday and she's teaching you how to make jam!
Happy Birthday, Gram!

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