Friday, September 28, 2012

Meanwhile at Lycee Einstein...

I stopped by Lycee Einstein today to meet some of the English professors and see the building. Didier (or Didi as he asked me to call him) is a FAST talker. Luckily I understood most of it, but that guy kept going at 100 mph. I learned a lot about Lycee Einstein; the actually school buildings used to be a factory (it looks pretty cool inside), the feet to the Eiffel tower were built there, a good number of my classes are actually BTS (after graduation- I'm not quite sure, I get all the degrees here confused most important fact of it is that my students are more like 20-22 rather than under 18, almost all the students are male, they have body work, mechanic, networking, plumbing and heating courses, they wear jumpsuits and work shoes to school (well, the shop classes), they had housing I could have taken, but my housing would have been in the center of the school and no one is there on the weekends- I'm glad I went with Mme de Stael, they gave me my schedule, i think I already lost it :( hopefully I just left it at my apartment.

Didi lives in the medieval center of town with his wife and 3 kids (his wife is also and English teacher and his student Adrian is likely one of my students at J. Ferry. He said that his wife "drives the car and he does the cooking." Oh, and when he collects mushrooms this weekend, he's going to collect me some.

I tried to register at the swim center for swim team and ended up meeting one of the coaches, he said to just come by the practices and register later. Now I need to find a bike. The swim center is about 4 miles away from my place and the bus doesn't run at the right times. Decathlon does a used bike sale in October, but I'm going to try to borrow one from someone in the apartments until then. There seems to be a lot of bikes down stairs that haven't moves...

The other 2 (maybe 3?) assistants that I'll live with should be arriving today, we'll see!

I got my bank account sorted out yesterday. The agent was really nice and had also opened the accounts of the other 2 assistants as well. She also kept asking me for a student ID so I just gave her my ACC id from when I took one continuing education Spanish class. That card saved me 40 euros and my bank card will also serve as an international student card, a win all around! Oh and the education pass that I asked Lycee Einstein for (a teachers pass for entry into national monuments ex. Le Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, etc.) well, they gave me the student's version instead, I guess that matches the student ID I have for Credit Lyonais!

I got an October bus pass and some individual tickets for the rest of the month yesterday. My dogs have been yapping so I'm glad to be able to take a little rest. I also stopped by the library yesterday. I thought it was just a children's library (with a CD section...?) until about 20 minutes later I realized the rest was just across the hall. It looks to be a pretty good selection so I'll get a card once I have my bank card (and therefore a student ID as the card will be free).

I'll try to get some photos of Montlucon tomorrow, today was finally sunny and I hope it holds!

Today's french expression "Peter plus haut que son cul"- To be bigger than ones britches, think too much of yourself or literally "To fart higher than your ass."

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