Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New kicks, time to use 'em

This weekend I picked up some new Nike Frees to serve as a secondary pair of sneakers while in France. I plan on wearing out the ones I have since I am registered for ....... the KZOO half marathon in May and will be registered for the Paris half marathon in March! (Paris registration doesn't open until mid October.)

Oh, and I happened to come across an amazing sale price of 50% off, so I finally got the shoes I've been wanting for two years but could never justify buying... Vibram Five Fingers!

Now that I've spent an obscene amount of money on foot wear, it's about time I got back to hitting the pavement. The hot and humid weather has been making me lazy and unwilling to unnecessarily move but I'm out of excuses with this cold weather that's moved in.

You know how your room gets clean when you don't want to write a paper or study? Well, I'd rather run than pack and France is less than a week away!

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