Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Days of School

By now I've had my first class (some observation, some introduction) with a class of 27 boys, ages 19-23 (note: I could use the term “men” here, but I think by the end of this you'll understand why I said “boys”) Below are a few choice quotes from the lesson

Lifeguards in America

Me: I was a lifeguard in the USA. Does anyone know the term “lifeguard?”
Student 1: Liiike Bayyyywatch?
Me: Yes, it was exactly like Baywatch.
Student 2 to student 1: Hey, what's “baywatch”
Student 1: Oh, you know- with the swimsuits and *holds up hands like he's holding two large melons in front of him*

Restaurants in Montlucon

Teacher: Where should Anna eat while she's here?
Students: Les Annees Folles, Le Moderne, etc
Sassy students: ehhhhhh, at my house!

Location, Location, Location

Student 1: Where do you live in Montlucon?
Me: I live at the lycee Madame de Stael.
Students 2 & 3: Oh yeah! She lives by us!

I think working at the technical school is going to be slightly different than working with the seven year old girls at Glen Spey...

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