Thursday, October 11, 2012

Never underestimate the cultural capital of being American

Yesterday I headed off to swim team as I usually do and sat at McDo for the hour before hand planning lessons. I went to swim team and things went pretty well. I'm still kind of shy when it comes to walking onto the pool deck and then going up and giving the "bises" to everyone even though I basically have no clue who they are. Then again, I certainly didn't mind the hot french swimmer who is about my age who came up and kissed me, so there's that. There seemed to be a lot fewer people and I'm not sure if there was a specific reason or just less people come to Wednesday's practice in general. Though... as I was looking around I didn't see the coach who drove me home on Monday, or the guys who lives across the street. Crap.

Well, there was nothing to be done for the time being, so I jumped in the water and started the workout. My mind started turning over and getting nervous though as the end of practice came. I was even practicing how I would introduce myself to the group and ask for a ride home. The end of practice came, but some were practicing dive starts, so rather than a group rather collectively leaving it was just a trickle of people. Damn, no moment for a group announcement.

I took a shower and got dressed then headed to the lobby area to try to accost someone for a ride. My nerves got the best of me though. I gave up and called Alex, my roommate to see if she could pick me up. She said she would head out- except that we then realized that repair work was being done on our parking lot and she couldn't get her car out. Damn.

I ended up riding with Stephanie, who talks about a mile a minute, but was so excited to chat with an American and said she would drive me home every Wednesday- even checking to see if I go to Friday practices, as she could give me rides then as well. As she drove we talked about important topics in America today- Glee, Desperate Housewives, what stars are married to who and which other ones have divorced.

By the end of the ride we had exchanged numbers, she invited me over to her house for dinner sometime, I invited her to Thanksgiving (and early invitation!), and promises to see each other next week. Clearly all that Glee watching was not for naught!

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