Friday, November 16, 2012

Beaujolais Nouveau and Bowling

For a change of pace from our usual bar scene, we decided to go out bowling on Thursday evening. 
Maria, Me and Alex- the roommates!
The bowling alley is pretty nice with a good number of lanes, lazer tag, pool tables, a snack bar (which is very typically French- it has crepes and croque monseiur on the menu)- oh and a bar as well. Maybe it wasn't such a change for us :)
Maria, Eddie, Me, Alex, Martin, Naomi, James and Sarah
After two games where I think only 1 person broke a hundred points, we reverted to our typical selves and to drinking. Eddie, who is French and therefore much more on top of things like this, has purchased some bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau. 

Beaujolais Nouveau, how to describe you? First, let's deal with the name. Beajolais is a region and Nouveau means "new" thus Beaujolais Nouveau is the result of the year's harvest, being released for sale to the public. The day is very similar to Oberon day from Bell's for you Michiganders out there reading this. 

EXCEPT for the perception of the drinks. People look forward to Oberon Day because that beer is DELICIOUS. People look forward to Beaujolais Nouveau as a bit of a  joke. It's a bit like if there were "Franzia Day." 

In fact, the wine was considered so awful for a while that they were in danger of losing the right to call it "Beaujolais" any longer. It's a bit like going around the US and telling crappy pizza shops that they need to stop selling their crappy pizza as NY pizza because it's an insult to real NY pizza.

Beaujolais has turned it around a bit, and the wine isn't all that bad anymore (well, not all of it). Though they definitely still play up the crappy origins ex. One of bottles/ varieties was called "Pisse- Dru" a play on "hard piss." Part of the reason for it's reputation is that it's a young wine, only fermented for about a month or two and has a fruitier flavor. 

It's played up quite a bit in the USA for turkey day, as Beaujolais comes out the third Thursday of November and Thanksgiving is just a week later. I'm sure it's likely to make an appearance at our Thanksgiving as well- though with our Thanksgiving potluck being composed of almost entirely 20-somethings, it's possible it will be a liquid Thanksgiving!

So don't feel ashamed to put Beaujolais on the Thanksgiving sideboard, but I owuldn't show it off to your French friends either. 

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