Saturday, November 17, 2012

Des Pierres Jaumatres and a home cooked lunch

Didier and his wife Blandine were kind enough to have over me and Alex for lunch. They live in a cute little duplex which overlooks the Saturday market in Montlucon. Didier cooked a fantastic boeuf bourginon followed by a tarte tatin for dessert. Upon discovering that Alex has a car the possibilities for the afternoon opened up. They have three kids (Adrian (12), Claire (9) and Lucie (6) so the seats were all full up in their car, but we were able to follow behind in Alex's. 

We headed to "Des Pierres Jaumatres" Which is roughly translated as "The Sorcerer's Rocks." "Jaumatres" is an old local patois word for magician. I understood why the rocks got that name once I saw them. They are boulders that had been moved and placed by glaciers and some of them seem to be precariously balanced, even if they are steady. 

I had forgotten my camera and ipod, so the photos are from my cheapo French phone. 

Didier is a bit closer to me than the rocks in this photo, so those boulders are even bigger than they appear here! I have to say that I got a bit nervous standing under them as well, even though they are firmly in place.

It was lovely spending the day with a family, especially one with adorable kids running around (especially Lucie). Oh, they also have some pets; a bunny named Treasure (who I hope is never eaten), and two fish- Sonic (as in Sonic the hedgehog) and Louis XVI. How French. 

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