Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vacances! Part 4- Grenoble

Grenoble would continue the rainy theme of the trip but we persevered anyway! We found the tourism office and headed out with a map of the city with a marked walking tour. The tour had some uneventful bit to it, like the first stop which was a wall. Other parts improved, but the definite highlight to the day was taking the cable/ bubble cars up to the top of la Bastille and seeing the amazing view of Grenoble and the Alps.

An excited start to our self guided walking tour

Crazy dolphin cherub fountain

Passing the other cars on the way up

An amazing view! I may have also started singing "The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" despite being in the completely wrong mountains/ country

Caitlin, Me, Catriona (our 4th travel buddy, L. prefers not to have her picture up)

Breathtaking views

Cable cars, Grenoble, Alps

Me and Caitlin on the way down

L., Catriona, Caitlin

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