Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vacation! Part 2- Lyon!

Pam is quite the foodie (or gourmand) and so I left all food plans up to her while in Lyon. I was not at all wrong to do this because the food was amazing. The first night we ate at Bouchons des Filles. Bouchons are traditional Lyonnais restaurants that often have quite heavy fare, but hearty and delicious as well. Bouchons des Filles (or Daughters' Bouchon) is run by two women and has a lighter take on the traditional menu. 

We were certainly not disappointed as we made our way through 4 courses over 3.5 hours. We started with appetizers/ salad plate including lentils and terrine. I've never been much of a pâté or terrine person, but Pam was making good efforts to win me over during the trip. She certainly succeed and I thoroughly enjoyed the ones I tasted.

The courses only improved throughout the evening and it was a perfect welcome to Lyon. 

The next day we headed out to sight see. Again, I knew that Pam would have it all planned out so I let her take the lead. Once again she did not disappoint. 

Are walks around the city brought us to many sights of Lyon. One of our first was this mural including famous people from Lyon. 

Saint- Exupery, the author of "le Petit Prince" is from Lyon

Yay! The sun!

The Frenchest cheese ever

Macaron- always popular in France, but possibly the new confectionery trend in the USA.

Sorry for the dot in the photo, but do you see the beautiful Alps behind us? It was a fantastic view!

La Tour Metalique de Fouvriere aka tiny fake eiffel tower of Lyon

Pralines (the candied kind, not the sugar cinnamon kind) are big in Lyon and they also use them to make other pastries. It's like the French pastry version of a Turducken

Lyon means lion, so I had to get a photo with a city mascot

This fountain was so cool because as the wind blew the water came out of the horses' nostrils and looked like steam.
Lyon was fantastic. I was sad to have Pam go, though we celebrated in the best way- a great dinner together. We found an restaurant featuring food from Reunion, an overseas French department and adored the 3 course dinner. A perfect end to a great time with Pam. 


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