Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance day- 11/11

I love chrysanthemums- they mean it's time for fall. Chrysanthemums have been decorating Montlucon, but with a sadder background behind them. They are seen as mourning plant, often placed at grave sights. Between Toussaint (November 1st) where people go and visit the graves of relatives and leave the flowers and Remembrance Day (November 11) which commemorates veterans in general but more specifically those of WW1, these flowers have been all over town. I've been tempted to buy some for our apartment as a way of celebrating fall, but I know the nieghbors would think it's quite weird. 

The World War I memorial in town, decorated for Nov 11th. 

Mums in the center of town with the Chateau in the background.

Traditionally a minute of silence is observed for all those who have fallen at 11:11 on 11/11. 
I know he was lucky enough to live a long life after his service, and he served in WWI, but the phrase that keeps popping into my head when I see the mums is "Always steady, Always kind."

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