Sunday, December 2, 2012

Auvergne Countryside

Through the English club I've met a number of people, or rather, more people have met "the American." I don't always remember everyone, but they are quite nice so it's good whenever I can meet up, even if I haven't been by often.

Through the English Club and a teacher at Lycée Einstein I've met the Cazeaud Family. Marielle is an English teacher who is looking to practice speaking with a native speaker, her husband Francois works as one of the mechanic teachers at Lycée Einstein and they have 4 children; Charlene who is at university studying premed, two boys in middle school, Antoine and WhatsHisName and Emilian who is six and adorable. They are such a lovely family. They live about 12 miles away in Vallon-E-Sully a VERY small town (think Jersey Shore, P.A.) but they are actually a bit into the countryside. My favorite neighbor of theirs is the black donkey who walked by the window while we were eating breakfast. 

In any case, Marielle and I are doing a sort of cultural exchange where I get ot hang out with their family, speak a bit of French and she and I get one on one time and do activities and speak English together (like make an apple cake- yum!)

I spent Saturday night and Sunday with them. It was so nice to be in a family home, speaking French and to have a change of scenery. Saturday night we went to a dinner party at a friend of their's house with about 5 other people in attendance  As expected, the food was delicious and they kept on having me try different wines. The problem with so many wine tastings is that my French gets remarkably improved with the first one or two and seriously declines after numbers three and four. 

On Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast, I got a tour of town, made apple cake, had lunch and then a walk around the fields around the house. All of this was interspersed with games of connect 4 and reading Tintin with Emilian. I have to keep up my practice so I can keep my "favorite aunt" status when I return to the USA. I'm really looking forward to when I can stay with the family again, which will probably be during the end of break. 

I will say that the constant French speaking did wear me out more than I realized. I quickly remember why I was so exhausted during my time in Senegal. I needed a good nap once I was back, but that being said, I am eager to go back Chez Cazeaud!

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