Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fête des Lumières à Lyon

Fete des Lumieres is held annually around December 8th each year to honor the Virgin Mary. In 1643 Lyon was struck by the plague and if they were spared, they would pay tribute to the Virgin Mary in part by placing candles in the windows of all the buildings in Lyon.

In 1852 a statue of Maria was erected by the basilica and since the inauguration the festivities have been held in a more official, organized celebration. 

We only had one night in Lyon but we fit in many of the lights, the Christmas Market, and the animated spectacle. We could have seen more but the VERY cold weather meant we were often ducking into the bars to warm up our feet. 

At the Christmas Market- I can't wait for the Strasbourg one!

So many lovely lights!

Candles lit in church for the Virgin Mary

During the show at le Place de Terreaux

These looked like lit up tulips to me :)

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