Thursday, December 27, 2012

Strasbourg- Part 1

I left Moulins early on the 26th to get a carpool up to Strasbourg. The drive took most of the day, but I arrived in time to meet my couchsurfing host before she headed to work that night. While Muriel was at work, it gave me an oppurtunity to hang out with the family; her boyfriend, son (Theophile, age 4) and daughter (Thais, 2). It also gave me the chance to watch Cars 2, Theophile's Christmas present. While I got settled in on the first night, on our first day together Muriel, Theophile, Thais and I headed out into Strasbourg to visit the city and all of the Christmas markets.

Strasbourg calls itself the "Capital of Christmas" and I have to say that I'm inclined to agree! 

Large Christmas tree in one of the main squares- oh and me!

The little village under the Christmas tree
The Christmas markets have all kinds of things for sale, though ornaments, snacks, confections, lights and artisan products are the most popular.

I love you, ginger bread!
I think Shane would like this stall!
Astronomical clock in the cathedral
Stained glass inside the Cathedrale
More gingerbread decorating the Tourism Office

The ornaments I bought at the market :)

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