Friday, December 28, 2012

Strasbourg- Part 2

After a delayed start caused by forgotten keys, we were off! Muriel had told me she needed to get some grocery shopping and errands done- in Germany! Strasbourg is right on the border, and through different points in history, part of the Germany. Food and other goods can be significantly cheaper, and with no passport checks and only a 10 minute drive, it's easy enough to go. My excitement over going probably seemed a bit excessive, especially as it was a bit like someone saying "You're going from Michigan to Indiana for groceries!?! Can I come?"

Honestly, except for the change in language on products, there was no real difference, especially since it is mostly the same stores in France as Germany. Still- Germany!

The most German thing I could find!
Afterward I was dropped off in town, which allowed me to get some food and then explore the town as night fell. The day before we had left too early, but this time I had a chance to take photos of all the lovely Christmas lights around town.

Another advantage of Strasbourg is the it is one of Kzoo's study abroad partners. Helene, my sophomore year French TA lives there, and 4 years later, we were able to see each other again! I went out for drinks at the Waikiki bar with her and her friends and then we continued on to Brazilian food for dinner (which was amazing!) It was quite an experience to have conversations in French with the person who taught me numbers in French!

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