Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Galette des Rois

January 6th is the epiphany and it is celebrated with a cake called the "galette des rois" or "King's Cake" which celebrates the three wise men visiting the Baby Jesus. I'm pretty sure that it's actually just an excuse to continue the holiday season. The "galette du rois" are brought in all through the first weeks of January to work places and immediately crush hopes of keeping new year's resolutions to eat better.

The first Wednesday swim practice of each month we have a little snack party in the office with the team. Because it's January  this also included a galette de rois. There is a small figurine baked into the cake, and whoever finds the piece is named the king or queen. To make sure there is no cheating when the slices are given out, tradition states that the youngest person in the room climbs under the table and states the name of the person to receive the next piece. Efforts by the swim team to have me climb under the table were thwarted by the fact that I knew Stephanie is younger than me.

Despite the two cakes that were doled out, only one figurine or "feve" was found inside. Perhaps the other one ended up in someone's tummy?

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