Saturday, January 26, 2013

Monterey Institute of International and La Duree

My parents said goodbye as they headed out the door VERY early in the morning for their flight back to the USA. I slept a little while longer, but eventually it was time for m to head out as well.

The Monterey Institute of International Studies was holding an information session for their Translation and Interpretation Masters program. I'm not particularly interested in being a translator, frankly while I can communicate fine and write papers, my french isn't good enough to make a career solely based on it. However MIIS does have a program in International Education Management which interests me greatly. I was hoping to find out a bit about the school itself, even if the program I was interested in wouldn't be addressed directly.

Unfortunately, only the translation and interpretation program was addressed and I had to duck out a little early to catch my train, but I was still glad I went. 

The grey Paris skies weren't exactly begging me to come outside, but a foggy view of the Eiffel Tower is better than none at all. 

And perhaps more importantly that MIIS meeting, it gave me an opportunity to stop by La Duree, famed for their macaroons. I sampled some in lemon, "fleur d'orangier" (orange tree flower), and raspberry. I like macaroons, and they're basically the new cupcake craze, but of all the lovely treats that France has to offer, a tarte citron is still number one in my heart.

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