Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Victor Hugo's House, Louvre and Bofingers

In the morning we headed over to Places des Voges to Victor Hugo's House and Museum. It was nice, but I didn't find it particularly remarkable either. It was mostly just furniture and staged rooms and while I usually love getting to glimpse into how other people live their lives, this museum just didn't really grab me. 

After lunch, Dad and I headed to the Louvre while Mom rested her leg/ knees. Dad had been campaigning hard to go to the Islamic Art museum, which I wasn't too excited about, and he conceded to the Louvre. 

However, when we got there I was reminded of the fact that in the last few years they've added on another piece to include Islamic Arts! So Dad and I headed there first, where he was very happy to see all the carpets and tiles. I liked it was well, though I always just get the feeling of being home. 

I have a few favorites in the Louvre, most of all, especially with  5 weeks before my Paris Half Marathon, Nike- the Winged Victory of Samothrace. 

For dinner we headed to Bofingers, a restaurant my dad been excited to eat at since it's the inspiration for the restaurant in some detective novels he likes. Mark, a friend from Kalamazoo College was also able to join us. Both of us did the teaching program right after graduation and are back again this year, though Mark lives in Paris, and I live in the middle of nowhere- haha. 

We had a lovely dinner and it was really nice to catch up with Mark again. The downside to the meal came several hours later as Dad's stomach started to turn- we think he must of had a bad oyster in the plate he got. Mom and I are working on convincing him to avoid seafood when traveling as he also got some mild food poisoning when we were in Rouen. Despite his unhappy stomach the rest of us had a great time! 

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