Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dijon; c'est chouette! (It's cool and owl-y!)

Dijon, the city of mustard, cassis and little owls called "chouettes" (side note, that phrased you learned in 7th grade French of C'est chouette" or "It's cool" actually means "It's a little owl!"

Our drive to Dijon was without incident which was a good start and the apartment that we stayed at was lovely as well. It was a bit of a ways from the city center, but it also meant that it was extremely large, especially by French standards.

Dijon (like many places in France) is known for its fantastic food. We are happy to confirm the reputation after eating at Chez Leon for lunch on the first day. The prices were just right and the food was simple yet exquisite. A very lucky and delicious find!

We also walked around Dijon a lot, following the chouette/ owl trail around the city for the main sights. There is a little carved stone owl on the side of the main cathedrale in Dijon, said to bring good luck to those who give it a rub. There must be many lucky people as the poor little owl has lost a lot of his features. I gave him a rub for good luck for the upcoming half marathon.

good luck for mom!

I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I walked by.

the owl trail around the city

such a pretty facade
Being in Dijon, we could not help but buying mustard to bring home as gifts and for personal consumption. I got some interesting flavors like black truffle and another with saffron. Of course, cassis was another flavor option to try.

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