Friday, February 22, 2013

Fondue Night

My parents arrived to Montlucon without a hitch, though extremely tired from the plane ride and drive down. While I gave them Thursday to settle in a bit, on Friday they came over to see what my life is like here in Montlucon aka lots of food a drink!

We had a fondue night, as fondue is something that you can't really have by yourself, and you need  to share it with other people. 

We had both oil fondue for the meat leading to lots of charred pieces as no could keep track of the sticks, but also cheese fondue for the bread. 

Me and Momma

the kitchen before the storm really came through

toute le monde a la table!

Eddie, Catalina and Pierre-Luc

Lorena, Jose Roberto and Mom

Eddie, Lorena, Jose Roberto, Dad and me

Maria and some gooey fondue!

Maria and my parents. 
A very delicious and fun night :)

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