Friday, March 8, 2013


After our lovely time in Bruges (which was helped a lot by finally seeing the sun) we headed out for bigger fish in Brussels. Sadly, the nice weather didn't travel well and we ended up with a LOT of rain coming down on us, though we did get some sun on the first day.

While Brussels is very pretty in some parts (The Grand Place!) It's hard to forget that it's a functional city with lots of people working in it. Again, we seemed to strike out with the restaurant choices BUT we were able to sample the quadrature of Belgian gastronomy including cherry beer, chocolate, fries and waffles. The restaurants might not be fantastic, but they play their strengths well.

The Grand Place was our favorite spot of Brussels. It's absolutely gorgeous AND there's lots of waffles and fries for sale nearby- who could want more?

We tried french fries again, this time I had onions on them, which I'm not if it was good or bad- just different.

The waffle I had was AMAZING. I felt like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. It was all whipped cream :)

We also managed to see the Mannkin Piss aka the peeing boy fountain. However, it was the celebration of some (student?) group and the statue was dressed up for the occasion.

Brussels gets points for being fun, easy to navigate and yummy snack food but loses points for restaurant meals, and let's be honest not too many cities can live up to Paris.

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