Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Bruges

Dad had to head back to the States, but Mom and I had a free schedule, so we didn't let his absence stop us and we continued on to Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges is also the location of a popular film called "In Bruges" in which one of the main characters is stuck in Bruges and absolutely hates it. His partner keeps encouraging him to enjoy the town, as it's like "a fairytale." The grumpy man's reply is that he might like it if he "grew up on a farm and was retarded, but (he) didn't and (he) is not. So (he) don't like it."

The belltower 
I have to agree with the non grumpy man. Bruges is small, with not too much going on beyond some nice shops, lots of chocolate, some fries, a pretty canal and bell tower. However, that's what makes it so appealing. It truly is picturesque- like a fairytale, and we were lucky enough to get some sun and to really enjoy walking around and the little boat tour we did as well.

on the canal

Mom did a fantastic job getting a deal on very lush hotel room. The hotel was beautiful, as was the room and the staff the were lovely as well. It made for a wonderful trip.

On the main square

The one downside we found, especially coming from France, was the quality of restaurants was really not up to par with that of those in France. It was funny to see people walking around with food eating, to even have restaurants that serve food outside of a set seating for lunch and dinner ("non-stop service as they like to call it here) and even more, eating snacky foods like french fries! It made me think about how much I've adjusted to France to see these cultural differences.

Market day

Beers and a vespa, what a combo 


aww, horsey 

Swans; look pretty but are just pretty evil

I love the style of architecture  I took way too many photos of the buildings

Bruges was a calm, lovely, and wonderful place to visit. I'm so glad it made it onto the itinerary.

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