Sunday, March 17, 2013

Puy de Dome

Though I wasn't able to make it to Puy de Dome when my parents were here- the weather stopped us from a lot of stuff- my roommates, Naomi, James and I were able to make a trip this weekend. Alex has a car and she is a lovely chauffeur and kind enough to make these kinds of excursions happen. We drove up to Puy de Dome, near Clermont Ferrand and parked the car at the upper lot. There is also a train that goes up to the top, but it doesn't run this time of year.

The hike to top only takes about 40 minutes, according to the Frenchman we met at the bottom, though with all the photos we took, we managed to make it a solid hour and a half. In fairness it was more of a photo shoot than a hike.

Despite all the fun photos I took, I spaced out and deleted them off my camera, thinking they had already been transferred to my computer. They had not been transferred  Luckily, everyone took lots of photos, and I was able to get some that Maria took to share with you.

We decided but shots in different locations were really funny

Good views, huh?

It was so cold our snot froze.
In the evening we headed to Minda's to celebrate her birthday! She cooked a wonderful meal and we had a lovely evening.

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