Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I didn't have swim team for the first two weeks after vacation, so I took advantage of having nothing to do for a Wednesday and headed to Vichy. Despite the ridiculous amounts of transfers and time to get there, considering it's only a 40 minute drive, I was really happy to go. 

I was extra lucky to have Caitlin (another American assistant, I traveled with her over Toussaint) there as my personal tour guide as she lives in Vichy. She met me at the train station and showed me where she lived. En route to getting lunch we stopped and I got to taste the famous waters of Vichy (Vichy is known for two things; being the seat of the Petain government in WW2 and the thermal springs that make this spa town). I had to agree with Caitlin though, the waters tasted a bit like they had baking soda in them, though it was amusing to fill up my water bottle with sparkling water from a public tap. 

After lunch we walked around, enjoying the seldom seen sun. Caitlin also showed me one of the churches in Vichy. It's distinction is that the inside contains mosaics that decorate it. 

Vichy has always been a resort town (even Napoleon, settled in for a while he liked it so much) and thus the town is very pretty with lovely architecture. 

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