Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chez Cazeaud Encore

Over Easter weekend, the thoughts of leaving Montlucon and saying goodbyes to the Cazeaud family weighed heavily on me, and Marielle saw that. Not wanting our goodbyes to happen so soon before I left, they invited me back out to spend time with the family and have a belated birthday dinner.

I spent Saturday in the sunshine playing soccer with Emilian in the yard, watching Lilian's tennis match and taking walks through the woods. In the evening Marielle, Francois, Charlaine and I headed out to dinner at the "Auberge de Ris," in Vallon en Sully.

The dinner was simply amazing, but of course, the company was the most important part, and it was superb.

On Sunday, we once again we headed out into the yard continuing with soccer and some badminton with Antoine. Emilian tried to rope me into some gymnastic activities, but it was a reminder that I'm getting older, it's been three years since regularly stretching with K Cheer and that skinny jeans just don't mix.

I was able to watch part of Marielle's choir concert but we had to leave before all the groups performed. I said my goodbyes to half of the family, with the promise that I would see Marielle, Francois, Emilian and Lilian just before I left. It was hard to leave the family, as they had opened their home and family so greatly to me, but most of all I was thankful for all the lovely times I've spent there.

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