Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Keukenhof and Canal Tour

After Caitlin, Willow and I arrived on Tuesday, we spent the evening settling in and discussing budget and how to get to different attractions. Something that had been on the top of Caitlin's list (and mine as well) was the Keukenhof gardens which are renown for the gorgeous flowers that bloom there every spring. Despite all the efforts we put in planning the cheapest way to get out there, we actually ended up finding a better deal through the excursion company at the airport. For only 2.50euros more we got a canal boat ride in Amsterdam, so we were pretty happy about how things turned out.

The Keukenhof lived up to the expectations, though we were disappointed that we arrived in between the blooms of some of the tulip fields, so we had more green than the typical color blocks, but we were still content (even more so after I ate some poffertjes.)

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