Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parc Asterix

Mark was able to meet up with Alex, Maria and I. Despite a weekend already lacking in sleep, we soldiered onwards. Well, it wasn't too hard to get excited since we were headed to Parc Asterix, an amusement park based on the beloved characters of Obelix and Asterix, stars of comics and films loved by the young and old in France.

We were happy because the sun was shining and ROLLER COASTERS!

Though we were not too excited about the unintended extra fright for the first coaster. As we ascended they stopped the cars and made the announcement that there was a technical problem. Five minutes later, with no real announcement, our roller coaster ride was starting. How about that for a real thrill?!

The day ended with a dolphin show at the park, which was really impressive. However, between the long weekened, walking and sun we were all beat. We headed back into Paris, collected our bags, got some food and promptly fell asleep on the train ,waking up just after midnight in Montlucon, and facing a 20 minute walk back to the apartment.

Though entirely exhausting, it was a fantastic weekend.

Our butt photo tradition continued. 

I'm super strong

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