Thursday, April 25, 2013

Van Gogh Exhibition, Bloemenmarket, and Walks Around the Canals

We had a late start to the day, but we needed the rest and lie-in. After we made it out into Amsterdam, we had a nice long walk to the Van Gogh Museum. We knew that renovations were being done, but that today was the last day to catch it- lucky us!

Except we didn't totally get the message that the real Van Gogh Museum has been undergoing renovations for a while, so today was the last day in at the Hermitage Amsterdam- across town. oops.

That didn't faze us too much, we headed back across town with a stop for french fries (fun fact: Oorlog sauce is peanut, mayonnaise and chopped onions- amazing!) and ice cream later. We made it to the museum, and despite the steep prices I was glad we went. I'm a fan of the bright colors and bold, broad, blending stokes that he uses in many of his paintings and it was fun to see bit of Arles again (one of the places I visited during Toussaint).

The afternoon brought more walking and wandering, including a walk through Vondelpark and a long sit next to the canals, just watching the boats pass by. We also past the floating flower market, which sells a number of bulbs, but seems to cater mostly to tourists these days (some of the tulip bulbs were already sprouting!) Finally seeing the sun after far too many winter months, we were very happy with our sun soaked ambling.

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