Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I hate packing.

You would think that after living on three continents, traveling to 10 countries and visiting 8 cities in 3 weeks I might be decent at packing by now, but nope, still a struggle.

With Peace Corps paying for two 50lbs bags to Togo I don't have the same incentive to cut things down to the bare minimum either. I think I fed my bags water after midnight because my stuff is taking over the guest room.

Why the heck am I even bringing? Well, way too many shoes (Tom's don't count as real shoes anyway, right?) lots of undies and bras, toiletries, an American flag, 3 books, water bottles, headlamp/flashlight, a solar charger and solar shower, kitchen knives, boxed latke mix, markers and colored pencils.

Though let's be serious, the way things are overflowing, it's doubtful it's all making it to Togo. 4 days left to see what makes the cut!

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