Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Language and Technical Presentations

A large part of training here in Togo is language based. Most people don't come in with very much French, but even coming in with French skills doesn't preclude you from language class! Those of us with a high enough level of French just get to enjoy local language classes instead! So, whether it's French or local language (Ewe for me), you're head is swimming either way.

Togo doesn't have a unifying, country wide lingua franca, so it's only this year that Peace Corps has really started local language here. In Senegal, it's easy to have everyone start learning Wolof, because no matter where you are it's helpful, but here in Togo it's very region dependent. This poses a problem, as when we first arrive, they're not sure yet where to send us in the country for our posts, so they're not sure what language to have us learn.

With the early push for local language, all of us found ourselves doing our first technical presentation in a language we are uncomfortable with speaking- French or otherwise.

Somehow, many of us were able to stutter though Ewe (and even Bassar) presentations introducing ourselves, talking about Peace Corps' mission, the English and Gender Education goals and what work we will do at post. Those who gave presentations in French did a great job, even though there were many butterflies in their stomachs before hand.  

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