Friday, August 9, 2013

Officially a Peace Corp Volunteer!

All of us took a road trip down to Lome to meet up with CHAP and EAFS for some Lome shopping and swear-in!

Peace Corps gives us a nice sum of money to cover the costs of settling into a new home. However, they don't tell us how to spend it, so you quickly see what people value. I spent the vast majority of my money clearing out the spices from the groceries, along with just about every other shelf. I also picked up a potato masher, whisk, cheese grater, cutting board and miscellaneous others. I will say that the liquor section of the store seemed to have much emptier shelves after we left.

Beyond shopping, we had the real reason to be back in Lome- Swear-in!

Me and Ryan. Ryan is rocking a chief outfit, complete with hat
Both ceremonially and officially, we took the oath and have become Peace Corps Volunteers!

Everyone had pagne (the colorful local fabric) outfits made. EGE went a step further, and in the Togolese way, got matching fabric as one does for special events.

I have to say, we are a good looking group!

Peace Corps is kind of a big deal, and there's not much else to put on the news here, so a report of our ceremony was aired SEVERAL times on multiple Togolese news channels. Several volunteers gave speeches in local language- which were all amazing. 
And of course, it was also a chance for us all to celebrate a little! 

Festivities went throughout the night, as CHAPS and EAFS all headed out to their posts, while EGE packed up and head "home" to Kpalime.

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