Monday, September 16, 2013

My One Day Dog

Some of you might remember that I was to have a dog. Well, I would go visit my dog every day before I could take him home. I name him, calling him Taco, a named that sounds even cuter when the people here say it, and in preparation for his arrival I tried to get as much as possible up off the floor and away from peeing puppies.

So, I finally took little Taco home, and at night put him in the fenced in area by my shower and toilet, which is part of the larger fenced in area of the compound. While he whined for some time when I first put him back there- away from his litter mates for the first time he eventually quieted down and I figured slept.

In the morning I got a shock as Taco was no where to be found. Apparently people sometime steal dogs (not to eat, that doesn't really happen where I am, though there are certainly dog eating regions). So he might of have been stolen, or simply escaped. He hasn't turned back up at Paul's house, or around here, so no one really knows.

I was offered a replacement puppy, but I figured that for now maybe it wasn't a great idea. Between traveling, my small living space, and my host family's lack of current dogs I declined a Taco II.

All the same, here's a photo of my one day dog.

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  1. So sad:( I'm not telling Shane. He is so excited to meet Taco!! Where did Taco go?