Sunday, November 17, 2013

Road Trip Savannes!

With IST approaching, I managed a boondoggle to get a ride in the Peace Corps car from Maritime all the way up to Dapaong in the northern most region of Togo, Savannes. The only downside to this trip was the 12 hour car ride (but in a Peace Corps car, a very different level of transportation than the typical bush taxi). But the biggest upside to all of this was getting to see what the rest of Togo looks like and seeing my best friend, Amelia who I haven't seen since swear-in.

The Savannes region is about as different possible from Maritime. Maritime is still green and humid, while things are turning dry, dusty and brown up here. There's hills and even some mountains, where as at my site and the surrounding 30km I rarelly have more than a 15 foot elevation change. Moba is the most popular local language in Dapaong, though others are in the area while down in Zafi Ewe dominates, even to the extent that many women don't speak much French.

Togo and neighboring countries were divided by European powers during colonization without regard to ethnic groups or geography thus Togo had great variation from the North to South. What this also means is that there's a lot to explore over the next two year, and I'm just getting a first taste!

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