Friday, January 31, 2014

Chez Moi!

So, people have been asking for a while where I live and what it's like. Here are some photos and awesome paint drawings to help me explain. I live in a family compound, with a decent amount of privacy, that's set up like this: 

Despite the M.C. Escher angles, this is what my kitchen looks like. Bedroom on the left and front door on the right

The other view of my kitchen. Can you see what's lurking behind the table? My new fridge!! So many cold things! Now the front door is on the left and bedroom on the right.

My bedroom. The door on the left is back into the kitchen, and directly behind me when I took the photo is the door the "backyard"

I've been meaning to buy a new light bulb for the past 2 weeks, but there's usually such good sunlight in it doesn't really matter. I was sitting on the bed when I took the photo. Door to the outside is on the left, and the kitchen on the right. 

My backyard! The big plastic garbage can is to hold water. It's the dry season, so the cistern of rainwater is dry and we have to get water from the pump. I mostly use the water for showers and washing clothes. My shower/ toilet are on the right

And the view from the far corner of the backyard. 
Sparkle toilet! I found this super awesome sparkle setting and so I had to use it. 

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