Sunday, February 23, 2014

Making Money and Ostriches

We are about to head up to Pagala for another training and I'm taking advantage of the paid travel. Yesterday I stopped to visit one of my "neighbors" (1.5 hours away), Kelly, in her village. With a Peace Corps Tech Exchange I was able to bring up one of my village women (and one of my 3 host moms) who makes liquid soap to teach the women in Kelly's village as a income generating activity.

Kelly and I were mostly in the dark about what was going on, except for observation and asking the names and quantities of the different ingredients being added as Patrice was leading the session in Ewe. The first steps of mixing salt and glycerin were the toughest, requiring three strong Togolese women to knead the mixture for about 25 minutes, sweat pouring off their faces. After that came some other ingredients including "acide," coloring, water, and fragrance. The soap had to sit overnight to let the foam settle before they bottled it for sale.

After a lunch of fufu, we headed to check out the main attraction of Kelly's village, ostriches. The main thing that I learned about ostriches is that they are really scary, huge and I feel like they're about to peck my face off. They ostriches are actually pretty nice, and Kelly was used to interacting with them, but at 6 feet tall I'm not used to many living things being taller than me, so I was pretty nervous, but I got close enough to get this shot!

Monday, February 3, 2014

You put your belly in....

The Hokey Pokey was one of the first activities we did with English Club and it's their FAVORITE. Now they ask to end almost every club with it.