Monday, July 14, 2014

Camp Joie

I had the honor of helping out with Camp Joie for the past week. Camp Joie is a week long camp for physically handicapped youth in Togo run by Peace Corps volunteers and Togolese counselors. The week focuses on the rights of handicapped people and children, learning about the causes of handicaps and dispelling myths about them (many people believe that handicaps are because they slighted God or because someone did sorcery against them), connecting with other handicapped Togolese youth, learning about sexual health, puberty, and HIV / AIDS. The week, like camp in the USA was fun, featured a lot of singing, talent shows and by the end, exhausted counselors. 

It was a ton of fun but I'm glad to finally be back at post and at a slower pace (at least for a little while).
Here's a few favorite moments from Camp Joie 2014.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Camp Joie and made it possible.

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