Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Site Visit Chez Amelia

Les grandes vacances finally gave me time in the school year to see more of Togo. I took advantage of our mid service conference and the free ride up to Savannes afterward with other volunteers and finally got to see Amelia's village. And Amelia lives in a vrai village. While I say my post is a village, I have 7000. Hers is 700- and that's after walking 4km. The families around her only total 100. 

Despite the small population the market is full of tchakpa- a alcoholic millet brew that tastes a bit like hard cider and a requirement of a trip up north.

Lots of corn. And Amelia. 

She has some of the most beautiful views from chez elle

So much greenery! The advantage of visiting during rainy season

Many of the people in her village still live the traditional mud brick and thatched houses. These are far less common down south and are often rectangular rather than square if you do find them 
Amelia was a gem of a host and it was really fantastic getting to see a very different slice of life here in Togo, especially with such fantastic views. 

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