Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy International Girls' Day!

Because I wasn't able to do anything in village for International Girls' Day I'm sharing it with you!

The coin featured in the image above is the 25 CFA coin. Twenty five CFA's buys you 1 bean beignet, a half liter of "pure water" (a cold water bag), or 3 oranges. Women keep the coins tied up in the corner of their wrap skirts (pagne). Change is always scarce and coins are guarded in a game of chicken of whether the buyer or sell will produce the change. All day these coins are handed back and forth and I've only just now learned who is featured on this all important coin. 

This is Madame Miriam Konan Dicoh, the first female chemist of Cote d'Ivoire. I've been handling these coins daily over the last year or so, but never stopped to really look at the image (often it's rubbed too smooth to really it it well anyway) . I'm always searching for great African role models for my students, and I know how we will be starting the girls' science club this year at my school.

I will likely be hitting up people for donations in the near future for the latrine project happening at my school, but if the spirit of the International Girls' Day moves you-
Please donate to which is the only organization working nationally in Togo to provide need and merit based scholarships to girls. Once girls are accepted they remain in the program until the end of university. 50 dollars can support a middle school girl's year of education. Thank you. 

Or if you're looking for something Stateside, support one of my favorite organizations- Girl Scouts

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