Monday, October 13, 2014

Help Us Build A Latrine At My School!

All right guys, the time has finally come. I'm asking for money.

We are building a VIP (ventilated improved pit) 4 stall latrine at my middle school here in Togo. Currently the students go in a field which has health and school attendance implications, especially for the ladies. Also, there's snakes in the field.

Even if you donate 20 bucks it makes a difference.

If you donate more than a 1000$ I'm more than willing to paint just about anything on the side- logo from your college alma mater (with their permission), name it after someone you love, (or since it's a poop house, perhaps someone you hate?), paint the whole thing your favorite color, etc.

Donate here or go to , donate to volunteer projects, see all volunteer projects, and then choose Togo 4 stall latrine project.

Please share this with anyone else you might know and be able to help.

Additionally if you are a member of Rotary International, Lions Club, Kiwanis or any other charitable giving group, please let me know if your group may have an interest. Thanks in advance for all your help!


  1. Great posts - keep them coming! Love, Dad

  2. Wahoo!!! Always hated running back to the house from the CEG when amoebas hit. I'll pass this along. :) Talk to you soon, I hope! You're awesome! --- Akouvi