Friday, December 12, 2014

Tri-Village Spelling Bee

Due to a generous donation from my Grandma we were able to hold the first ever Spelling Bee with 7 different middle schools from my village and the next two closest ones. Over 70 students participated and there were over 100 attendees. TETO (Togo English Teachers Organization) has held a spelling bee in Lome for the last several years but this year there will be a regional and national spelling bee. Most teachers and students have no clue what a spelling bee is, and so to prepare the students to have a chance at the regional (Maritime) competition we wanted to practice with a smaller one locally. To teach and adequately prepare students and teachers for the spelling bee I created a word list for each grade level based on the national curriculum, worked with my English teacher Mr. Koura to hold trainings about spelling activities and the rules and procedures of spelling bees.

My director, myself and Mr. Koura

Our spelling bee was a success! We did, in typical Togo fashion, get started a bit late and so photos of prizes and such at the end were rather difficult because of light and students needed to start their walks and bike rides back home. 

a student waits to spell a word with announcers, Mr. Koura and fellow PCV Olivia
part of the crowd
more of the attendees
winners from each grade level many of which are from CEG Zafi! people generally don't smile in photos here which is why they don't look more excited :)

Thank you, grandma!

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  1. Ah how awesome!!! Such a fun idea! Gawd, I miss doing fun things like that. You're the best!