Sunday, June 7, 2015


After visiting the Tamberma village Amelia and I headed a bit south, with poor directions and a good sense of adventure to visit a lodge that is working on elephant conservation. I got to take a little walk around where I saw some wildebeests and then in the evening the elephants came home! 

Look at that excitement and the elephant! 
 I was whispering as we saw the elephants coming closer which proved to be very unnecessary as we were about to get a LOT closer.

even closer.. 

...and closer
This one was trying to give me a little kiss. I was freaking out the entire time and Amelia kept talking me down from the hyperventilation and slight panic attack. 

It's been a while since some one has done my hair...
.... but I don't think this is usually how you do it. 
Elephant skin is so thick and strong! I don't know what I was expecting but it was a surprise! 
Arm wrestling competition
Amelia the elephant tamer with no fear. 
Quite an experience for sure!

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