Monday, June 29, 2015

Girls' Soccer Competition

 As my last activity in village we held a a girls' soccer competition to distribute 11 soccer balls that we had received last year from the Rotary Club of Madison-South, Wisconsin. They were donated to do soccer based HIV/AIDS and malaria education activities (see previous posts about Grassroot Soccer) as well as to form a girls' soccer team. There hadn't been much movement on the soccer team front, so we decided to by pass the barrier of school logistics and having an available coach to just getting the soccer balls in the girls' hands. Girls competed in 4 events (4k, 100 meter dash, shoot out, juggling) winning points in each and the top 11 went home with their own brand new soccer ball! It was a great day with tons of excitement and just a fantastic way to end my time in village.

Runners coming in on the long course

Busting it out on the 100 meter dash

Taking a shot at the shoot out

YAY for all the contestants! 

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