Friday, July 3, 2015

Family Portraits

The last couple weeks have been spent taking photos with some of my favorite people around village. It's really hard to say goodbye and I want to make sure that their faces aren't just in my memory put also in print! 
Me and the kids- basically what my entire service looked like. 

The little ones at Paul's house

Paul, Me, Madame, and Paul's kids 

Me and my favorite moto driver

Jules and Komi playing with their tires and sticks

Joseph, his three wives, mother, myself and some of the kids

Grandma, the ever regal matriarch

The best housemates ever; Akoffa, Baby Blessing, Bocco, Marie, Leo and Akpedje


Emanuella, Boga and his wife

Me and Marie in our matching travel outfits
Joseph, Patrice, Dorcas, Ella, Annie, Maggie and the twins 
My kiddos trying to jump into the bush taxi and come with me to Lome 

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