Friday, August 21, 2015

At site in Rwanda

Well, for the second time I've moved into my Peace Corps site. I'm an RPCV but that didn't make it much different from the first time. The mistake of Peace Corps is ever having expectations or thinking that things will turn out well. That way you can be pleasantly surprised when anything remotely good happens. And of course, I let my mind wander and made that mistake. My house is very small, perhaps the same square footage as my house in Togo was, but this one is long and skinny. Its only about 7 or 8 feet wide and about 30 feet long. My latrine is a squatty potty but there is a pipe so you still have to run some water down it. This is problematic as it's the end of the dry season and there isn't much water around. Instead I'm using the family's pit latrine squatter with a very shaky and unhinged door. This is a double bummer because I always have to pee in the night so it's a choice of go out or chamber pot. I'd rather not accidently pee on my floor so that means getting up and heading out. When I arrived there weren't screens on the windows nor a secure front door (a wooden door with easily broken glass and a window next to it were you could stick your hand in and open it from the inside).

They've replaced the door and put screens on some of the windows (though it's currently having the effect of trapping flies inside). Nancy, a nearby volunteer has been kind enough to lend me her hotplate/electric burner for the three months since she doesn't use it much and I'm here for such a short time. It looks like my suitcases vomited all over the house as I don't have any furniture yet, though a shelf/counter should be coming soon. And as difficult as it cane be to move somewhere new- it doesn't matter if it's across town or across the world there's always an adjustment period and then it works out. It's that simple and if two years in Togo have taught me anything it's that ├ža va aller.
on the plus side, these views :)

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