Friday, August 28, 2015

At school

Despite the initial problems when I first moved in, things are going well. My school is really wonderful with teachers who actually show up and teach class, several female teachers-one in particular who moved to the area last year and "knows how difficult it is to be somewhere new" has taken me under her wing helping me with basic things like buying credit for my electricity meter and making sure I get the right prices at the market.

Schools runs from 7:30 am to 4:30pm with a two hour lunch. There's free lunch at school (usually beans and rice-but yay free food) and so I eat there and then stick around for clubs in the second hour or go home for a short nap/rest.

I'm running the school library (the school has a library!) Kids can come in during the day to use the books and study and just recently the dean of studies gave me the papers so the kids can take home books and study as well. I have my own little domain where I can ready, prepare for class or go on my phone (pretty decent internet here!). The library is a bit disorganized for the moment so I'll also be working on that for the coming months.

Additionally I have three 2 hour long classes once a week with the seniors, juniors and sophomores who are in the "Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili and English" track. It's kind of a supplemental class so I'm supposed to focus on conversation, listening and communication skills. It works out perfectly since I'm just here for the last term that I can sort of jump in wherever and choose topics and classes that I like. All three classes have less than 30 students and the students are pretty well behaved -a bit change from the challenges of Togo! I'm also leading the BeGlow (Boys Excellence, Girls Leading Our World) club which meets at lunch time. They've done a lot with health topics, gender balance and peer pressure with the last volunteer so I'll be trying to work on some leadership activities with them. We'll see how it goes- there's a lot of middle schoolers in the club and their English isn't very strong. I'm working with another teacher to lead the club, but there have been some miscommunications and so we haven't been entirely on the same page so far.

I'm really happy about the work I'll be doing at the school and I think it's a really good fit for the three months that I'm here. I hope to be able to leave the incoming volunteer with lots of information so they can get projects started quickly.

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